Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box Review

I bet you are reading this review because you heard about Pandora’s Box from an ad or someone else mentioned it. There is a TON of hype about Vin Dicarlo’s new program, but if you are like me, you are skeptical that it won’t live up to everything it claims. So who to believe?

8 types of women

What I Think About The Pandora’s Box System

1. It actually is based upon scientific research and does a GREAT job of showing you what * type of woman any one gal is. This will tell you what she likes, doesn’t like and what kind of approach is most effective when trying to attract her. This part is 100% legit.

2. It gives specific examples of what to do or say to attract each of the eight types of women. Again, it is pretty much a blueprint of what to do (and NOT do), if you want any chance of success with the woman you are pursuing.

3. It finally clears up why one thing works with some women, and totally bombs with other women (this is something I could have used YEARS ago).

4. It is NOT a magic pill that will make every women in the world attracted to you. If you think that just using the program will get you any woman, you are wrong. BUT it will give you the tools and information to dramatically improve your chances with any woman you meet. That is the biggest benefit for this program and why I recommend it.

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Real World Example Of Using The System

For instance, the Connoisseur is the type of girl who always has a boyfriend and is not interested in a one-night stand; so don’t even bother if that is your goal. If you don’t recognize her, the Hopeful Romantic will confuse you to no end. While it appears that she is looking for boyfriend material, acting that way will not work. What works for her, is simply turning her on.

The more I thought about it, the more it makes sense that different techniques and different approaches work for different women. It would be foolish to lump all women into one category and think that they all have the same wants and needs, right?

More Examples Of Using The Information To Help You With Women

Again, let’s turn back to three of the eight types of women and look at their differences. The Modern Woman is pretty casual about sex. The Hopeless Romantic thinks sex is a huge deal. The Connoisseur needs to feel that sex is much more than just a way for you to get off or she’s going to find another sex partner who makes her feel sexy and unique.

Most Importantly – It Will Help You Figure Out What “NOT” To Do

Remember I mentioned it will tell you what not to do? Well let’s say you are walking up to The Hopeless Romantic or the Connoisseur and giving off a player vibe, you will be out of luck. And I haven’t even mentioned the Seductress who will want nothing to do with you the moment you chase her or try to buy her affection. The secret to her is to make her chase you.

This information is just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously. I give this product my highest recommendation.

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* The theory is that each individual woman can fit into one of eight categories. By understanding which type of woman you are dealing with, you will unlock the key to understanding how to act and behave around her, what her secret desires are and what her greatest fears might be. Don’t just take my word for it, (see this site for more information), has tons of threads where guys are talking about how much they like it.