Using Pandoras Box To Determine Her Type

Body of sexy woman in red lingerieThe ability to read a girl’s mind seems like a bunch of hocus-pocus unless you are familiar with Vin DiCarlo and his Pandora’s Box system. This revolutionary philosophy shows how all women can fit into one of eight categories.

Under the system, Pandora’s Box Vin is able to give you keys to unlock just which category a woman falls under by answering three simple questions. The three questions are easily answered either through conversation with the girl or by simple observation.

Once you learn the easy Pandora’s Box Vin gives you the simplest way to get these three questions answered: the questions are: Is she a tester or an investor? Is she a denier or a justifier? Is she a realist or an idealist? Once you determine the answers to these three questions, you will be able to quickly discern which category she falls into.

DiCarlo’s methods show men that each type of woman has secret desires and hidden fears that influence her every move. When a girl feels that you know her desires and fears, then you will undoubtedly have the secret that most guys never learn. The eight types of women are: The Seductress, The Playette, The Social Butterfly, The Private Dancer, The Cinderella, The Hopeful Romantic, The Modern Woman and The Connoisseur.

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Each Type Of Woman Wants Something Different From You

How can you possibly hope to use the same approach on all women and expect success? It just doesn’t make sense. Usually, we just write it off as a better-luck-next-time experience, but really, it is much more in our hands than we realize, according to Pandora’s Box Vin DiCarlo.

For instance, The Seductress has what seems like a masculine approach to dating. She may be quick to jump in the sack. She wants to be the one pursuing her man. If you chase her, she won’t bite. At the same time, she isn’t that interested in an emotional commitment. Conversely, The Hopeful Romantic thinks sex is a very big deal and it might take quite an investment of your time and energy for this to happen, but she will make great girlfriend or long-term commitment material.

So, a lot of the success you will find in Pandora’s Box Vin comes about as a result of you matching what you are looking for with what the girl is looking for. This ability can save you a lot of time and money and frankly, heartbreak.

Emma Frost- The white queen of diamonds

Emma Frost- The white queen of diamonds (Photo credit: Dashu Pagla)

In teaching you the methods and system in Pandora’s Box Vin DiCarlo is actually showing you how to unlock the secret to women. It gives you the ability to – in a sense – read minds. It helps you get what you are looking for and also helps you give women what they are looking for.

It really benefits you and those you date. It also helps you to avoid mismatches that can save hurt feelings. For instance, if you are looking for casual sex, you might turn to The Seductress and not someone who wants more emotional investment. On the other hand, if you are looking for a wife, you will know to avoid The Seductress. It’s all about matching what you want with what the woman wants – and then everyone is happy.