Revealed: Vin Dicarlo’s 3 Questions Are Not What You Think

the-3-questionsLet’s get this straight. There are 3 questions YOU must ANSWER to figure out which category a woman falls under.

Let me repeat that.

You must ANSWER them, for this system to work. You are NOT asking her specific questions, you will be observing her and maybe sometimes getting clarification via a question, but that is all.

Get it? OK, let’s continue.

Let’s say you met an amazing woman at the gym the other night and you have made plans to get together this weekend. Do you know what this girl is looking for in a guy, or in a relationship or even on the first date? Well, this system will answer this and other questions for you.

It is like getting the ability to read her mind. You will unlock the secrets to what she wants, her desires and needs and even her deepest fears. It is a lot easier to determine what type of woman she is than you might think. By knowing the answers to a few simple questions, you can instantly figure out what type of girl she is.

And the beauty of this system is that you don’t ask the girl any silly questions, you learn to figure out ways to determine the answers on your own.

Sometimes this involves asking her another question to help you, but often you can answer it just by observing her behavior.

Now, I’ll go ahead and tell you a big secret about the questions you need to answer, but unless you understand how these relate to the eight types, they may not be much help. The information that Vin provides you to get answers to these questions and then to apply them to the eight different categories is brilliant.

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There Are 3 Questions To Answer To Determine Her Type

Pandora's Box

Is she a Tester or an Investor?

Is she a Denier or a Justifier?

Is she a Realist or an Idealist?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you will be able to quickly discern which category she falls into.

The eight categories are as follows: The Playette, The Social Butterfly, The Private Dancer, The Cinderella, The Hopeless Romantic, The Modern Woman, The Connoisseur and The Seductress.

Each of these types of women have different secret desires, hidden fears and motivations that can all be determined this system. By knowing her type, It is like you have the ability to read her mind. For instance, The Seductress is going to blow you off if you chase her or try to buy her affections. The Modern Woman isn’t opposed to a casual fling but likes to know that there is the possibility of a long-term commitment. The Hopeless Romantic would seemingly want a ring on her finger, but that’s where you would make a mistake. What she really wants is to be turned on!

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These insights and more will be at your fingertips once you have learned this system. It is an astonishing amount of information in an easy to read and understand format. The key to success in dating lies in unlocking Pandora’s Box. So what are you waiting for? Get started right now!